Rise Up and Accelerate Your Leadership.

This hot new release by authors Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams has already hit #1 International Bestseller status on Amazon. Rise Up, Leader shows you the key principles and actions for achieving success in business and in life as you learn to Lead Yourself, Lead Your Team, and Lead Your Legacy.


Your highest value to your business is creating a vision, strategizing, and strengthening trust in yourself and your team.
That’s leadership acceleration.

You’ll be ready to grow to greater heights as you think like your customer, act like your customer and build for your customer.
That’s business development. 

Make your business easier, simpler, and more profitable in as little as three months while still having time to live a life you love. 6,102 businesses owners (and counting) have experienced all or part of that transformation.

The evidence: over $731,000,000 in new revenue.

It’s possible when you adopt the mindset and build the skill set
that allow you to rise up. 

Successful Business Owners

It’s time to spend as much time working ON your business as you do working IN your business. Focus on the factors that are critical to your success …the things that allow you and your team to rise up. We’ll show you how.

Your next steps to create an easier, simpler, more profitable business.

Leadership Development


Sales System


Revenue Modeling


Success by Design Coaching







A start-up consumer products company wanted to bring its product to market in a highly competitive category.  Customer acquisition costs were sky-rocketing.

Wide Awake Business created an on-line customer acquisition strategy by repositioning its value proposition and using pay-per-click campaigns.



The economic turn-down took a bite out of the Brickley Environmental’s business.

Wide Awake Marketing determined what the Brickley brand “stands for” in the eyes of its customers and mentored the CEO to further develop his marketing and sales mastery.


Hearing Aid Health Care

Hearing Aid Health Care wanted to increase sales.  Competition in their area was high and they needed to attract more people to their business.

Wide Awake Business set up a sales coaching and sales system with HAHC, including step-by-step tools and direction.


Wide Awake Business works with you to create and execute a “customer-getting” sales and marketing plan to get customers…and grow your bottom line again.

When you do you’ll:

  • Have a sales system that works
  • Easily find more customers
  • End hit-and-miss marketing
  • Stop wasting time, effort and dollars
  • Experience where and how to continue to increase your business

Chris Williams & Martha Hanlon wrote the book on how to get and keep customers (literally). Small businesses around the globe have discovered the right sequence and strategies to acquire customers easily and make more profit doing so.