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Martha and Chris share their insights on how Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses can tap into today’s customers.

Get a fresh perspective on how to develop small businesses. Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams give your audience new ways to connect with customers. They understand how customers buy today—and they know first-hand the impact of getting more customers.

When you need in-person Small Business specialists for your live event, you’ll love the expertise and true stories Martha and Chris share with your audience. Using humor and in-the-field examples, they’ll inspire your event attendees with practical, easy-to-implement strategies they can put to work immediately.

Martha and Chris have worked with hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs, and offer real-life experience on topics any business can benefit from: how to listen and talk to customers, how to build lasting relationships with them and how to make those relationships beneficial—on both sides—for years to come. Most important, they inspire us to support local small businesses, whose success is the foundation of our economy.

Chris’s and Martha’s message will spur your audience into the kind of action that inevitably leads them to more customers, making your event even more valuable to YOUR attendees.

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Williams Speaker One-Sheet

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