Banish These 5 Thoughts to Find More Freedom

Banish These 5 Thoughts to Find More Freedom

July 3, 2024


Tomorrow is the day we celebrate freedom in the United States and that got us to thinking. Freedom is not something that we achieve once and then have forever. It’s something that must be protected and preserved.

Freedom can get lost if we don’t pay attention.

Entrepreneurs place a high value on freedom. We want options. We treasure autonomy and independence, right?

So, what happens when we don’t feel free? When we lose sight of what keeps us free?

It’s not pretty. We stress and strain, we push and prod, we treat ourselves and each other badly. We know freedom is out there somewhere, if we just work hard enough to find it.

But what if…?

What if finding that freedom wasn’t about working harder, but making things easier? If what was limiting our freedom was about how we think, rather than about what we do or don’t do?

Here are 5 ways that your thinking may be limiting rather than contributing to your freedom. Switch the frame on these thoughts to create a greater experience of freedom in your business and in your life.

  1. Your vision needs adjusting – If your vision is too small, it can feel limiting or confining. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it can feel impossible, locking you into a pattern of failing to act. When your vision is big enough and compelling enough to offer you new possibilities and realistic enough to be achievable, it can motivate, inspire and sustain you.
  2. You believe that how things are now is how they will always be – Your life and your business are constantly growing and changing, and that’s a good thing. It’s change that brings freedom and new possibilities into your world. When you believe that you are “stuck” in the current reality, you give power to the external circumstances that affect you. When you accept and understand that you have the power to change either the circumstances themselves or your attitude about the circumstances, you open the doors to mental and emotional freedom.
  3. You focus on your shortcomings, rather than on your strengths – When you keep yourself focused on what is wrong, instead of what can be right, you stay in a place of judgment, shame, guilt or lack. When you emphasize and focus on your strengths, you open the door to possibility and prosperity.
  4. You let other people define your worth and worthiness – The person who sets the standard calls the shots. When you judge yourself or your business with someone else’s measure, you will continually be held captive to the risks and rewards that come along with that measure. The freedom that you desire isn’t something that is bestowed on you by others, it’s something you claim for yourself. The only way to do that is to set your own standards and define your own worth.
  5. You excuse and justify your lack of freedom – When you look at your current situation and find reasons to explain why you are not or cannot be at the level of freedom you desire, you give power and credence to the explanation. If it’s understandable, natural or justifiable for you not to be free, then there’s not much point in striving for it, is there?

What we’ve learned in all our years in business is that you can’t have the freedom you want if you don’t do what it takes. And more than that, you can’t or won’t do what it takes if you think in limitations, rather than in limitless possibilities.

Think, then do. Your freedom awaits,


Chris Ann Williams, CEO
Wide Awake Business