Why 2017 Wasn’t So Bad After All

January 10, 2018

Didn’t it seem like 2017 was going to hell?

Fingers on buttons.  Contentious U.S. elections.  Airlines mistreating paying customers.  War and atrocities in too many countries.

I know the media gets paid to report what goes wrong rather than what goes right.

And sometimes I stumble into that attitude when it comes to talking to you about your business, focusing on what’s likely broken rather than how to make good things great.

So…listen…we aren’t going to hell. 

Data proves 2017 was the best year…ever…in “human history.”

And your business is probably better than you feel.

Here’s why 2017 was the best year ever, and what we can learn and apply in our own businesses.

Here’s why you should feel a whole lot better about 2017.  A Oxford University economist routinely gathers data on our world.  Check these eye-popping realities:

  • Extreme poverty goes down by 217,00 people…every day
  • 325,000 more people have access to electricity…every day
  • More than 300,000 get access to clean drinking water…every day
  • In 15 years illiteracy and extreme poverty will be gone

As a global nation, we’re making stunning progress.

Now I’m not suggesting…even for a nano-second…that things are perfect.  Just a whole lot better than we often believe and read.

Let’s end our reluctance to acknowledge gains.  Pessimism stunts our growth.

And at a much smaller level, we can recognize and build on the same advancements in our own businesses.

Your 2017 was a pretty good year.

You brought your talent forward to solve the problems of others.  You created programs and services people can grab to move their worlds to better places.  You produced positive change, no matter how big or small.

Congratulate yourself.

Now what do you do in 2018 to advance yourself and humankind even further?

How about you start by putting a plan…an actual written plan…with goals, and critical success factors, and the right actions, and decisions on where to put your time to maximize your results…that will lead you to greater success, a rush of fulfillment and stunning transformations for your clients?

All those global advancements didn’t happen without a plan.

Your business will accelerate and produce even more glorious results for you and your clients when you plan it.

You don’t have to do your plan by yourself.  I’m here to guide you through this planning process.

Earlier today I began a 3-part Planning Workshop, and it’s still not too late for you to join us.  The first session is recorded so you can catch up.  The next two sessions are live.

You’ll get assignments, and I’ll give you feedback to improve your plan even farther.  Click here for full details.

Let’s make 2018 your very best year ever.  Significant change and advancement doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because it’s planned.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

P.S.  Oh…you’re one of those who reads the P.S.  Then read this:  I’m going to work with you to create your 2018 Plan.

Here’s how we can work together.