3 Steps to Getting Your Life Back

3 Steps to Getting Your Life Back

March 22, 2023


Okay, I admit it. I occasionally take advice from Dr. Phil. See if this rings true for you as it did for me.


“You train people how to treat you.”


Here’s an example:  You may find yourself thinking that your time is not your own. Can’t seem to find time for something you want or need to do because there are so many demands on your time? How many times a day does someone on your team come to you with a problem for you to solve? It might vary from once-in-a-while … to every 20 minutes.

What guidelines or agreements do you have in place that address the gift of direct access to you as the owner of the business so that you don’t wear the unwanted hat of “solver of all problems”?

Do all problem-solving roads lead to you? This does two unfortunate things in your business. First, it eats up all your time and focus and takes you away from delivering only your expertise.

Second, it puts you in the position of being a bottleneck to simple progress in your business because team members can’t move forward without approval from you in so many areas.

Here are 3 tips to help you protect your time.

First, embrace the fact that structure will give you more freedom.

It probably seems counter-intuitive, but studies have shown time and again that utilizing structure to remove the small, nagging, repetitive portions of your schedule will free up your creative brain to focus on the projects in front of you.

Maybe that means that you block out time in your schedule to do certain tasks – without interruption. Maybe it means that you schedule dedicated time for team members to have that coveted direct access to you.

Second, take yourself out of the “I am the Solution for every Problem” hamster wheel. This could be as simple as requesting that each problem brought to you comes complete with a solution created by your team members. Get them involved. Get them used to thinking first before they run to you. Get them used to working together as the creative collection of people called your team.

What if all you had to do was approve a solution after they did all the heavy lifting?

Third, it’s time for re-education … for you and your team. Changing this process (and the long-term bad habits that both you and your team have created) will have far-reaching effects for both you and your team members.

Please don’t blindside them with this change. Work with them to co-create this new framework. Give yourself time to make course corrections as things move forward. Give yourself and your team permission to make a few mistakes … and keep moving forward.

You’ll be surprised how much more time you have when you become the owner of your time. Spend that found time wisely…doing something or being with someone…you love.



Chris Ann Williams, CEO