4 C’s of Corporate Culture

4 C’s of Corporate Culture

June 1, 2022

The dust hasn’t quite settled yet, has it?

The disruption that the COVID pandemic created in the workplace is still being felt. Every business and every business owner had to navigate changes…often on short notice and without a roadmap.

These adjustments have put our organizational culture under the microscope. We’ve been forced to examine how, where, and why we work and to take a hard look at the culture we’ve created in our businesses.

Consider the 4 Cs when examining your corporate culture:

Climate – This includes how formal or informal your work environment is. How do you treat employees, customers, competitors, and your community? Examine whether there is a perception of inclusion or an air of exclusivity. Healthy and successful businesses have a climate of respect, kindness, and inclusivity.

Creativity – Look at how much freedom is allowed in decision-making, how willing you are to try new things and how much tolerance your company has for risk. Do you place a high value on conforming and similarity or encourage diversity in thinking and expression? Do more frequently reward creativity or conformity? Employees report being happier in cultures where creativity is encouraged and rewarded so long as risks do not jeopardize organizational stability.

Communication – Vision, mission, and values should be clearly and frequently communicated within the organization. How does information flow throughout the organization? Do employees have opportunity for input before decisions are made? Is there a high level of transparency or a sense of secrecy? How do you stay connected during a crisis? Is conflict addressed openly or is disagreement suppressed and silenced? Job satisfaction and employee retention tend to be higher in organizations where both transparency and opportunity for input are high and where conflict is handled openly and respectfully.

Commitment – Successful businesses have high commitment and engagement through every level of the organization. Dedication to shared goals and values is high and highly rewarded. Commitment is evident in a strong sense of shared identity and pride of belonging.

Over the past two years, there have been many changes and challenges in most corporate cultures. Positive and healthy culture must be intentionally created and communicated so that the culture will take root and thrive.

As you continue to settle into a post-pandemic rhythm for your business, it’s a good time to take stock of your company culture to make sure it is healthy, positive, and clearly communicated.

Earn your business an A in corporate culture by paying attention to the 4 Cs.