A 2020 Vision

February 20, 2019

“Martha and Chris — I’m going to make your day, because I made my year!  I hit my 2019 revenue goal.  Actually, I exceeded it.  And it took me less time to do it, because I had more clients paying more than I ever used to get.  I used some of my extra, free time to work on the business and took some of the rest for vacations and family time. I’m so psyched, because I know I can do it again in 2020!”

Nice email.  And those dates are not a mistake.

Know who sent it to us?

You did.


Here’s what I’m asking you to do today (today…not tomorrow; you know how things get in the way of best intentions).

Write a note to us today as though you were writing it on January 1, 2020.  Post your note on our Facebook page by clicking here as a means of making a commitment and asking for accountability from us and your colleagues.

Tell us what will happen by the end of 2019…something like what you see above.

You want a great, successful year?

Then don’t walk into it without a singular, measurable goal or a clear picture of what you want to happen this year.

Don’t walk into it without a clear picture of what success looks like for you.  Believe it.  Then you’ll see it.

A more perfect direction for 2019 would be hard to find:  Make your iron hot by striking. Stop waiting for it to get hot.

Your “crushed it” email should hit our Facebook page today.  I know you have best intentions to do it.  So, do it now before a thousand other things occupy your time.

We’ll be watching for it.

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams