Be a Goldilocks

April 22, 2020

Some of the best leadership advice I ever received was to “Be Goldilocks.” Sounds crazy, right? It sure did to me.

What my mentor meant was that it’s important for leaders to find the “sweet spot” where things are just right. Not too much this or too little that.

When Goldilocks visited the three bears, she kept trying things…the porridge, the chairs, the bed…until she found the one that was “just right.”

In the last few weeks, many of our clients have found themselves at one end or the other of the mindset continuum – either paralyzed by self-doubt or feeling superior and above it all. Neither of these attitudes serve them well.

Instead what we recommend is a mindset that’s referred to as humble confidence.

Humble confidence is the ability to be sure of yourself without arrogance, to value others without selling yourself short. It’s a hallmark of effective leadership.

How does humble confidence show up in business?

The leader with humble confidence does these things:

  • Focuses on the “we,” rather than on the “I”- Keeping the focus on the team allows the leader to make choices that benefit everyone, rather than just themselves.
  • Seeks input from others – A leader who thinks they have all the answers misses out on opportunities and possibilities that could take the business to greater success. Asking the right questions is far more powerful than staying stuck in one fixed perspective.
  • Practices gratitude – Being thankful for the people and circumstances that contribute to their success and achievements keeps the leader and the team in a spirit of giving that keeps positive momentum going.
  • Engages in continuous learning – Knowing that there is always something more to know keeps the leader and the team in a growth mindset that fosters creativity and innovation.
  • Demonstrates resilience – The ability to roll with the punches is essential to business success. Nobody is successful 100% of the time. Good leaders understand that there are no failures – only lessons.

Right now, many business owners are operating from a stress response of fight, flight, or freeze. Successful business owners are responding with humble confidence, charting a new course to the next success. If that’s what you want …Be Goldilocks!


Go forth and do great things,

Martha & Chris