The Best Way to Find New Prospects

October 4, 2017

He was scratching his head, quizzical look firmly planted on his face.

Figuratively speaking.

Ed had a problem you might be facing, too. Ed was completely out of ideas on how to find new prospects.  Creatively bankrupt.

Do you sometimes feel the same way?

Hope is not lost.

Ed didn’t recognize a marketing approach that’s a fast-track to a world of new prospects.

It’s powerful.

So powerful, it’s the #1 method for generating leads, and we recommend new and young businesses use it to accelerate.  Plus, it works great for established businesses, too.


Someone out there already has your type of customer…

…and they don’t compete with what you do…

…they complement what you do.

An affiliation creates a relationship with this “sister” company.

Your goal is to have them introduce you to their clients.  Perhaps they send an email to their database about you and direct them to a free webinar you’re doing.

Maybe they go through their list of clients to find those who have the problem you solve, and personally introduce you.

Affiliations provide a short-cut to your Ideal Customer.

Yet, I’m always stunned at how under-utilized this marketing method is.

Look what’s in it for you:

  • A few good affiliations can yield access to hundreds or thousands of possible leads
  • You’re reaching out to only a few companies to identify possible affiliate candidates rather than believing you have to cold-call (that thing you hate to do) people you haven’t even identified
  • The new leads trust you more and faster because you were introduced to them by someone they trust
  • You will build your database faster, create relationships sooner and grow your sales pipeline

That’s all great for you.  But why would any company want to affiliate with you?  Nothing personal…

  • They can solve more problems for their clients, making them a more valuable “go to” resource
  • They can be identified as a “go to “resource without having to hire and train someone themselves
  • A chronic client problem they might be dealing with comes off their plate, and moves to you…who is qualified to handle it
  • They make a little money when one of their clients buys from you

Affiliation opportunities are everywhere.

The chiropractor with the yoga instructor.  The lawyer with the care manager.  The website developer with the copywriter.  The operations consultant with the marketing/sales agency.

Each of those examples meet the requirements for a good affiliation.

Each has the other’s Ideal Customer.  They complement what each does.  They don’t compete against each other.

I’ve watched entire businesses blossom and burst out using only an affiliation strategy.

Who has your Ideal Customer?  Complements what you offer?  And doesn’t compete head-on with you?

Write down their names and give them a call.

There’s something in it for you…and for them!

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

P.S.  As I write this, the Las Vegas massacre is all over the news.  It was hard to write this article because it seems so trivial in the face of something so much bigger.  After every incident of this nature, we say “evil will not win…we won’t stand down…we will not change our behavior because of evil.”  Yet, evil has changed our behavior in so many obvious and subtle ways.

I saw a great tee shirt yesterday on a six-year old.  Sums it up as best I can:

“Don’t be bitter.  Be better.”