Building a business in the worst economic climate

October 11, 2017

You remember 2009.  The worst year for business in a long time.

Oops…sorry.  You might even prefer to forget it.

The year was that bad.  Prospects weren’t turning into customers.  Existing customers weren’t buying the next thing.

So many companies suffered, or worse, went out of business.

Except for our client, Susan.  She was crushing it.

She doubled the size of her business in one of the worst years for business yet.

She wasn’t in a field particularly wonderful in down markets.  Her business had no built-in advantage to sail her through the economic hurricane.

Yet, she doubled her business that year.

Susan focused on one simple, and surprisingly overlooked, strategy.

She built her business through affiliations.

She made a list of all the business types that complemented her business, and therefore, had her Ideal Customer already.  They didn’t compete with her (that’s the complemented part).

She started calling.  “How can we help each other?”

She found willing people on the end of the call, “sister-type” businesses who wanted a way out of their economic ills.

She found people willing to introduce her to their customers because she could solve a problem her “sister-type” business could not.

She found businesses interested in a new source of some income which she offered for the introduction and purchase of services.

She found prospects more driven to fix a problem than if she was marketing to “cold” people.

She made money.

Quite a bit of money when people around her were scratching their heads.

All using one marketing strategy…building affiliations.

Who has your Ideal Customer?  Complements what you offer?  And doesn’t compete head-on with you?

Write down their names and give them a call.

It’s time to do something to make your year.  This strategy is a very good “something.”

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams