Business Advice from Birds

August 25, 2021

Have you ever noticed that business lessons can pop up in the most unexpected places?  And when you least expect them?

I was sitting in my backyard the other day enjoying the summer sun and two hummingbirds caught my eye. The birds would flit this way and that.  They would stop suddenly to check out a flower, and then be on their way to their next inquisitive stop.

All this action caused me to think about how a hummingbird can do that. How they and other birds (or airplanes for that matter) manage to get and stay airborne.

It all comes down to two basic principles:

Lift + thrust.

Load + drag.

When lift plus thrust is greater than load plus drag, birds fly. So do planes.

The same thing applies to your business, doesn’t it?

Your lift is your enthusiasm, plan, knowledge, team, coach, mentor, systems and all the tools that support your business. The thrust is your focused actions that create momentum toward your goal.

Now consider the load and drag…distractions, busy work, fear, resistance, conflict, procrastination.

When load and drag are greater than lift plus thrust, your business stalls, stagnates or fails. You miss opportunities, fall short of your goal, and probably lose money.

When lift plus thrust is greater than load plus drag, your business takes off and prospers. You become airborne, reaching or even exceeding your goal.

This is a great time of year for you to be airborne to reach your goals.

Time to boost your lift and thrust and cut down on the load and drag. It’s the time when you really must simplify what you do, laser focus on your end-of-year goal, and step into the prosperous life you wanted when you started your business.

We’re down to four critical months.  Four months to close your revenue gap or accelerate beyond your target. Four months to put aside the things that are “nice” to do in favor of only the critical things to do.

Four months to recommit to what you want, to shake off a summer of sun and get into only the actions leading you to where you want to be (you know where you want to be, right??)


Your plan for the next four months is simple. We call it the Critical Success Factor Formula. Maybe we should nickname it the Hummingbird Formula:

  • Write down your goal (measurable)
  • Determine the (no more than) 3-4 Critical Success Factors (strategies) that MUST be done to take you to your goal
  • Only do the actions that put the Critical Success Factors into play; everything else gets put aside. We mean it! If it doesn’t support a Critical Success Factor, take it off your list.

Think “lift plus thrust.”  And eliminate the “load plus drag.”

Four months.  You can do it.


Take a lesson from the hummingbirds and…
Go forth and do great things,

Martha & Chris