Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 8, 2023

Let’s celebrate! It’s International Women’s Day…a day that belongs to all of us. A day when we honor and remember women in all the ways they contribute to the world and make our lives better.

As women in business, so much of our success rests on the shoulders of other women. Today, let’s honor and celebrate:

The women who gave birth to us – Without these women, we would not be here at all. Their bodies provided our first nourishment, before we were even born. Some of them are still with us, continuing to provide nourishment in various ways.

The women who raised us – These women nurtured us, comforted us, kept us safe and showed us the ways of the world. Whether they were our birth mothers, adoptive mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, or surrogate mothers, they helped to create the foundation on which we built our lives.

The women who taught us – From the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic, to psychology, history, biology and business, these women gave us knowledge and skills that have propelled us to careers and adventures in life. They opened our minds and our hearts to all that exists and all that might exist and helped us to make sense of it.

The women who broke barriers – Those who were the first in any given field, with a particular accomplishment. The ones who not only believed it was possible but proved it. Women like Madam C. J. Walker, known as the first female self-made millionaire, Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman to be granted an M.D., and Katherine Graham, the first woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company. They blazed a trail for all of us to follow.

The women who hired us – The women who gave us that first job and provided the guidance that supported us in doing the job well. These women showed us how to set goals and achieve them, how to work with others, and how to lead.

The women who supported us – The companions on our journey, whether in our personal or business lives, walked with us for a time. They cheered and encouraged, lent a hand when we needed it, helped to push barriers out of the way so that we could continue toward the goal.

The women who challenged us – Those who pushed us beyond what we thought were our limits, called us to be more than we believed we could, were agents of our growth just as surely as those who supported us. The women whose achievements we determined to surpass gave us something to aspire to, something to motivate us to be and do more.

The women who come behind us – We are all in the process of creating a legacy that will live beyond us. Each of will fall into one or more of the roles above for the next generation of women. Being prepared to be their mothers, teachers, bosses, supporters, and challengers calls us to continue to be our best selves.

The women we have become – Let’s not forget to celebrate ourselves. No matter where we have come from or where we are going, there is something remarkable about each and every one of us. Too often we focus on what’s wrong with us or on what still needs to be improved. Today, let’s focus on what is right and good and positive about ourselves.

Today, we at Wide Awake Business are celebrating all of you – our clients, co-workers and colleagues. We are so grateful to have you in our lives.

Happy International Women’s Day,