Change Comes at a Cost

July 15, 2020


My friend, Promise Phelon sent me her blog the other day.  I’ve been waiting to hear her voice during this atmosphere of racial unrest and demands to right equality.

For me, Promise is a powerful, challenging voice.

She’s whip smart, assertive and usually pretty in-your-face provocative.  When we talk, our conversations become massively stimulating and just a little threatening as she can push you to see a future for yourself that stretches and challenges what you believe you can do.

Promise is also a bit of a unicorn…a young black woman, multi-CEO and now venture capitalist.

Like many white people, we’ve been turning to our friends of color for guidance.  What do we do?  How do we help right some of the inequalities?  What do we say?

Here’s the essence of what Promise wrote to me and the thousands who follow her.


Promise Phelon

Change Comes at a Real Cost

It’s not lip service.  Change requires an investment of real money and real time.



As leaders we must resist feeling pressured to say we care versus the things we really do care about.  Chris and I always share that one of the first steps to elevating leadership requires you know your values and bake them into your company.  Your values, ethics and morals must align.  This isn’t what you think you *should do*.

And you must have a willingness, strength and courage to break patterns, be open, share and let ideas move freely.  As a true leader, your role demands you encourage debate, co-create with your team, hear all sides and be open to the challenges that will certainly arise.

As Promise rightly shares, “Change is not free.”  The cost is challenging or even releasing our dated ideas, our stubborn fears, our rigid beliefs.

True change is an invitation rather than a force.

Banish the fear of breaking old things.  That’s how you make a better future.

What are you willing to break, my friend?


Go forth and do great things,

Martha & Chris