Connect for Success

November 10, 2021

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s the time of year when our personal lives are focused on relatives and relationships.

It’s no different in business.

As we come to the end of one year and begin planning for the next, it’s time to make sure that our relationships are strong and successful. Who we connect with and how we connect are critical factors in our success.

Want to make and keep positive relationships for your business.

Here’s how: CONNECT.

That’s it. Sounds simple, right? We use this formula to guide the way.

Communication – Communicating clearly is essential in building good business relationships. Make sure that you share essential information, clearly share your vision, and speak in the way your customers will hear. Don’t forget that listening is as important to good communication as speaking. Make sure you really hear and understand what your customers and team members are saying to you.

Openness – Openness and transparency are essential to healthy relationships. When people don’t have the information that they need to accomplish tasks or make decisions, they can make mistakes or fail to act.

Network – You’ve heard the phrase “your network is your net worth,” and it’s true. Seek and build relationships with a wide range of people and organizations and then spend intentional time in nurturing those relationships. Be conscious of what you can offer to others and give as much or more than you expect to receive.

Niche – Know your lane and stick to it. Once you’ve found that niche, learn as much about it as you can. Really work to understand your customer’s needs and create the ways that you can be uniquely positioned to fill them better than anyone else. Be willing to say no to opportunities that don’t fit with your mission or fill the needs of your niche. .

Exceed Expectations – There is no substitute for excellence in business. Do what you do best and what sets you apart from the crowd. When you fill your customer’s need better than anyone else, you have a relationship for life.

Commitment – Do what you say you will do. Keeping your word and delivering more than you promise will set you apart from the crowd. Make it a point to connect consistently to nurture your business relationships. Make sure you stay committed to your mission and values and that this commitment is evident in how you do business.

Trust – We’ve all heard the rule of thumb that says people do business with those whom they know, like and trust. Be trustworthy by being open, honest, authentic, and dependable. Own your mistakes (if you make them) and do what it takes to remedy them. Remember that trust is something you earn…not just once, but over and over again.

Your success in business depends on how well, how widely, and how deeply you connect…to your team and to your customers. When you create and nurture strong connections, you can

Go forth and do great things,

Martha & Chris