July 10, 2019

I’ve been looking at a lot of old buildings lately…I mean very, very old.

Traveling abroad will give you a new perspective on the phrase “built to last.”

And here’s what I noticed…

Those centuries-old buildings all rest on very firm foundations and strong cornerstones.

If you want to build a business that lasts, one that stands the test of time, that’s exactly how you need to go about building your business. Think creating a real castle, rather than a sandcastle.

The firm foundation is the quality of your product or service. It goes without saying that without quality, your business won’t last very long.

Now for the cornerstones. The basics that support the castle or container that your business lives in…your brand value.

Here they are:

Attraction – Your customers must be drawn to you, your product and your service. They should be saying to themselves, “Yes!  I want that!” or “That’s just what I need.”

Uniqueness – There is something different and special about your product or service and there is certainly only one you. You want your customer to be thinking, “I really can’t get this anywhere else.”

Clarity – Your customer needs to completely understand what you are promising to deliver and how you will deliver it. You want them saying, “I understand your offer and I understand you.”

Credibility – Your customer needs to believe your brand promise and trust you to deliver it. They should be thinking, “I know that I will get what I want and need. I trust you and your team.”

Take a minute now to look at your cornerstones. Are they all strong and sturdy? If not, where do they need to be strengthened so that your business is a strong and stable structure to draw your customers in, serve them and have them stay with you for a long time?

Make sure those cornerstones are firm and solid. Then go ahead and build that business, knowing that you’re creating a real castle, not one built on shifting sands.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

Martha and Chris


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