Crisis of Faith

May 15, 2019

crisis of beliefJoy was feeling a little wobbly.

Her center of gravity felt like it was shifting. What seemed so smart just a few weeks ago no longer appeared to be the right path.  Doubt seeped into all the crannies of her belief.  Her conviction melted.

Was it time to change direction or was Joy having a crisis of faith?

If you’ve been in business long enough, you’ve experienced a crisis of faith.  That moment when “what you believe” and “how you see things you’ve committed to” become seriously questioned.

Questioning is healthy.  You should never continue down a path simply because some day in the past you chose that path.  Successful business owners always watch, review and analyze what’s going on around them.  Then you can evaluate your results.

Are these results simply wrong, or do they just make you a little uncomfortable?

The crisis of faith we’re talking about begins when you question without evidence, when your tingly Spidey-sense goes off because you’re nervous about the path you’ve chosen.  To succeed…to reach that goal you want to hit, to grow beyond your past…you’re going to experience uneasiness, discomfort and nervousness.

But how can you tell the difference between pulling the plug because the path just isn’t working versus staying the course because you’re nervous?  Experiencing a crisis of faith?

What’s generating this ill feeling?

Crises of faith are not all bad!

They can come from positive experiences, too.  You’re learning new things, moving in new directions, making unexpected discoveries, being asked to do things differently.  The upheaval shakes up emotional, spiritual and intellectual commotion along the way.

If this is what you’re sensing, stay the course.  It’s a crisis of faith in the path, the system, the coach or, most likely, yourself.

Instead of pushing away or turning off what’s causing the crisis, run towards it.  Welcome it.  Embrace what you’re really experiencing…the discomfort of growth from a new direction or new source.  Take the leap of faith caused by the crisis of faith.  It’s asking you to do something new and true without regard to whether it’s disturbing or liberating.

That’s what Joy did.  It took courage.  Growth towards her goal will be her reward.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

Martha and Chris