A great Facebook booster is in your hand

February 7, 2018

If you decided Facebook holds your path to riches and fame, and you’ve devoted your valuable time to organically building your followers and likers and commenters…I showed you last week why that wasn’t your best idea.

We’re in 2018, and organic Facebook growth is so 2012.

I also showed you that video is the “now” wave to ride as video is currently the King, Queen, Crown Prince and Princess of Facebook success.

Okay, video.  Great.  Got it.

But let’s boost your success opportunity one more level.

There’s another “ingredient” you’ve got to be thinking about and acting on if Facebook is to deliver anything meaningful to your business growth.

It’s the ever-present cellphone.

You might even have it in your hand, right now, reading my post.

More and more people…also known as your potential prospects…consume Facebook and video on their cell phones, not their PCs.

Like up to 80%.

You’ve got to optimize your videos for the mobile user.

Video on a cell phone has some unique requirements if you really want the viewer to enjoy and watch the whole thing you produce, versus getting frustrated and heading off to watch something else.

The video should be square.  1:1.

Think vertical, instead of horizontal.

With a square, vertical video your wonderful content occupies 78% more space in the Facebook Newsfeed.  And more space leads to more engagement.

Now, I don’t usually use this space for technical “How Tos,” but let’s make an exception because I can *hear* so many of you say, “Square video?  Not one more thing I have to figure out!”

It’s actually pretty simple.  Grab an app like Flipagram, PicPlayPost or others.  You can use them to create a slide show or add animated effects.

If you’re ready to look like a pro, check out Animoto or Wave Video App.  Animoto has pre-built templates.  Just swap out its demos for your own video.  Done!

And one last note, especially for you ladies who are thinking video means you have to get your hair and make-up done professionally…

you don’t have to be in the videos.  You can use slides and video of places and things.

Your face is powerful and preferable.  But if you’re avoiding video because you think video means you’ve got to look like Cinderella at the ball, do a video without your pretty face.

But do a video.  Optimized for a cell.

Your Facebook results will improve.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

P.S.  Missed last week’s post about organic Facebook growth and video?  Here it is again.