Feeling Weary?

September 16, 2020

Are You Feeling a Little Weary?

During our coaching sessions with clients, I’ve noticed a certain weariness has settled in.

Even though so many have achieved amazing results, the toll has been exhausting.  This most challenging year keeps demanding a focus and drive that would tire the most industrious animal.

And we’re not done yet.

Who knows what the final  3 ½ months will foist on us?!

How about a few simple adjustments to make things less stressful and give you a chance to recharge for the final push towards your 2020 goal…no matter what comes down the pike.

First, reworked your To-Do List.

Have lots on your To-Do List?  Take a look right now.  Were most of the same items there yesterday…maybe last week, too?

Do this instead.  Limit your list each day.  Choose only the one-to-three most critical actions to execute each day.  That’s it.  One to three.  Choose only the really big issues that must be accomplished today because they will move you towards your 2020 goal the fastest.

Then, start (hopefully finish) those very few critical few in the morning, first thing, maybe even before you officially enter the office, virtually or actually.

Create your 1-to-3 item To Do List at the end of the previous day.  Then you’ll start each day knowing the critical few…before emails, text messages and phone calls alter your actions.

This daily list separates what’s critical from what’s important or nice to do.

Next, measure your results not the time you put in.  Putting in more and more hours doesn’t make you more productive (you knew that…but may forgot, right).

Then, build habits to start working.  Your routine could be as simple as scheduling the first thing on your pared-down To Do List at 8am every day or heading to your desk when you put down your first cup of coffee.

And then there is this one. Build habits to stop working.

For example, make a commitment to end your day by 5:30pm.  To help make this lollapalooza of a change, try marking 5pm on your calendar to complete your next day’s To Do List.  Turn off your computer at 5pm rather than simply letting it go to sleep.  Set a firm, non-negotiable commitment with yourself and stop working (that last one is there for you Type As).  Take the next 30 minutes to complete your next-day To Do List.

Dedicate three weeks to this new work plan.

You’ll discover the “stuff” you were doing didn’t really make a big difference when your stopped doing it.

By seemingly becoming less productive…by putting in less time and working with a much shorter To-Do List…you’ll became more productive and absolutely less weary.

Start small.  At the end of your workday today (be specific) make your To-Do List for tomorrow.  No more than 1-to-3 critical actions.  Do those things first thing tomorrow.  Then do it again.  And again each day for 21 days.

After 21 days, measure how much more you’ve accomplished in so much less time.

You’re welcome :>)

Go forth and do great things,

Martha and Chris