Finish Strong

November 13, 2019

What do distance runners and great salesmen have in common?

They both know that winning depends on a strong finish.

And they also know that you have to focus on the race you’re in before moving on to the next.

With the holidays looming, it can be tempting to slow down and kick back…coast to the end of the year based on your results in the first 10 months. Planning for 2020 might feel like taking a breather from the hectic pace you’ve been keeping.

Don’t fall into that temptation.

In the next few weeks, you have the chance to make 2019 into a banner year and build great momentum for 2020.

Here are five tips that can give your business that last burst of energy it takes to finish strong:

  • Aim for Progress, not Perfection –Now is not the time to let perfection paralysis keep you from taking action. A project that meets 80% of its goal is worth more to you than a project you never start because success isn’t 100% guaranteed.
  • Focus on Quality, not Quantity-It can take a bit of effort to break through all the noise of the holidays and the “year-end specials” that your competitors are offering. Stand out by focusing on the quality of the message you’re delivering to key prospects, rather than the sheer number of leads you are generating. The extra effort you spend in communicating that you understand what your customer’s problem is and how you can uniquely solve it, the more success you’ll find.
  • Express Gratitude – Take the opportunity to thank your customers for their business during this year. Doing this at Thanksgiving rather than in December may give the customer one more chance to do business with you before the end of the year.
  • Revisit the “No” and the “Not Yet” List – Prospects who were not ready to buy earlier in the year may be ready now. You might have just what they need to finish their year strong. Pick up the phone and check back. A quick conversation may lead to the sale that takes you over the top.
  • Add Value Rather Than Discount – So many businesses offer discounts or special prices as incentives for buying before the end of the year. Rather than reducing your prices, consider adding value. Set yourself apart by bringing back an old favorite as a bonus or creating a high value, low cost addition to your current offering.
  • Get a Head Start on your New Year’s Resolutions – To finish the year strong, change some of the habits, approaches and attitudes that have been slowing you down or holding you back. Simple, strategic adjustments can make a huge difference in the outcome of things. Look at time management, organization, commitment, consistency, flexibility, resilience and see where improvements can be implemented and make them now.


In the next few weeks, give your business that strong burst of energy that will make you a winner this year. In the words of Gary Ryan Blair, “What kind of competitor sees the finish line and slows down?  Always finish strong.”

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

Martha & Chris