A Unique Gift for You and Your Website

March 7, 2018

Too many websites do ‘zippo’ for their owners.

Few visitors come to the site.

Those that do don’t grab your free offer.  So, you can’t add them to your database.

If you look at your website analytics (you do look, right?) you discover those who do come aren’t staying very long.  Like, Boom!  Gone!!

Nothing’s happening.

And you spent precious wampum for it.  Getting your money’s worth?  Doesn’t sound that way.

Can I show you how to change all of that…

…simply by making sure you answer the 3 little questions your visitors must know immediately when they visit your site?

And by immediately, I mean within 3-to-7 seconds of arriving.

I’m going to verbally make-over 3 websites in March on Facebook Live.

Each Thursday this month at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific.

Would you like to be one of them?  I’d like you to be one of them.

Here’s how:

  • Head over to our Facebook page by clicking here
  • Become a follower of Wide Awake Business
  • Then type in the comment space that you want to be considered for a make-over AND leave your website address

Even if your site isn’t chosen, you’re still going to know the three questions you will apply to your site that will improve your results.

You’ll know what good sites do…and what poor ones don’t do.

You’ll understand why people engage…or leave.  Quickly.

You’ll be able to get your website to DO SOMETHING besides sit there taking up space in the Intergalactic Web.

Whether you’re one of the three make-over people or a listener on the Facebook Live broadcast, you’ll come away with just what we always promise you…

…an easier, simpler, more profitable business just by improving how your website engages with its visitors.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

P.S. How’s your website performing?  Can I help you improve it?  Scoot over to our Facebook page and raise your hand for the complimentary website make-over.