He Doesn’t Paint

March 9, 2021

We’re doing some spring improvements to our home.

A friend provided a great referral, as it’s been awhile since we’ve required anything to be painted.

The painter took my call, set an appointment to look around, put together a quote, and  I said “yes.”

Monday we started.

But my painter isn’t the painter.  His guy is the actual person carefully and professionally slapping paint on my walls.

The “painter” does stop in to see how things are going.  He checks in with me to make sure I’m happy, touches base with “his guy the real painter,” and moves to another project running at the same time.

My painter doesn’t paint.

What he does is deliver his highest possible value to his business. He’s the marketing, sales and customer relationship guy.  He makes the business “go.”  The painting…actually, the lowest value work…he leaves to someone he’s trained.

Are you still doing the “painting” in your business?

Are you still the one delivering what you’ve sold or have you recognized your highest value to your business isn’t delivering what you sell?

Yes, I totally get you’re a tremendous care manager, CPA, massage therapist, personal coach, property manager, software developer, leadership mentor, financial strategist, realtor, dentist or whatever.

And, yes, I understand you actually like to deliver your expertise to clients.

Or maybe you think no one can do it as well as you (which isn’t true, btw).

If you’re still spending all or most of your time delivering what you sell, you are not delivering the highest value to your business, you…or your customers.

Think how much more dynamic and profitable your business would be if you were leading, marketing and selling?  If you trained someone in your methodology to deliver what you sold (you don’t pay them the big bucks when it’s your customer)?

My painter has it figured out.

My painter isn’t the painter.  He doesn’t paint.

You should stop “painting” too.

Go forth and do great things,