Hottest Summer on Record

July 24, 2019

The summer of 2019 is shaping up to be the hottest summer on record.

I don’t mean just for the weather…I mean for your business, too.

Is summer typically a time when things move slower for your business? Customers take vacation and you manage a few days off for yourself?

Even with vacation thrown into the mix, August can be a record-breaking sales month for you because we’ll be right there with you to make it work!

Every step of the way.

We’re offering you 10 Days of FREE Sales & Marketing Mentoring from Experts Who Have Trained Thousands of Business Owners Like You to Turn Their Financial Situation Around.

It’s the Customertopia ‘Show Me The Money Challenge’

In just 10 days, from August 5-14, we will be LIVE ON FACEBOOK to show you what all business owners must master to get more customers.

Owning a business absolutely can be easier, simpler, and more profitable…when you know HOW.

There are plenty of experts telling you WHAT to do, but not many will tell you HOW to do it.  That’s our specialty!

Here’s how it works:

Beginning on August 5th, we’ll give you 15 minutes of instruction via Facebook LIVE at 7am EDT every morning in the Customertopia: Show Me The Money Facebook group, followed by 15 minutes of focused action from you.

Every evening at 5pm EDT we are going to jump back on Facebook LIVE within the group to go deeper into the strategies we are sharing with you and give you the vital feedback you need as you go through this process.

No illusions or magic tricks are involved…just proven strategies applied consistently with our expert coaching and feedback.

Don’t worry if the live time schedule doesn’t work for you.  Every session will be recorded and available in the group.  But do join us live if you can. Nothing beats the energy of a group of people working together to achieve success!

So…are you ready to make August your hottest month on record?

Join the Customertopia Show Me The Money Facebook Group NOW so you’re set to go on August 5thJOIN THE GROUP HERE.

I already hear the sizzle…..

Go forth and do great things.

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

Martha & Chris