How Good is Your Soup?

October 27, 2021

Delicious smells are coming from my kitchen this morning. It’s soup day!

There’s something magical about a good soup. About taking just the right group of ingredients and blending them into something so much more than they are alone.

Something nourishing, fulfilling, healing.

Something warm, comfortable, familiar enough that it feels like home and yet flexible enough that each batch has its own unique flavor.

Kind of like a business.

The ingredients for a good business “soup” are pretty standard – a core product or service, a unique flavor that makes your soup different from every other soup of the same kind.

When you make your business soup, you take care to select just the right, high quality ingredients…the right people, raw materials, systems, and strategies. You follow a recipe about how to combine the ingredients, making sure everything blends, things are cooked for the right amount of time and the right spices are added to the pot

Just like with a good soup, perfecting the recipe for your business requires trial and error and sampling along the way. Too much of this, not enough of that, when to put each ingredient into the mix.

What texture is your soup – creamy, smooth, thoroughly blended, or thick and chunky where each individual ingredient can be seen and tasted separately? Are the spices bold or subtle?

What happens when your customers don’t like your soup? Do you adjust the recipe or find a new market? How do you determine what needs changing?

When you’ve found just the right recipe for your soup, you make it with pride, always having a full kettle of it ready for a hungry crowd.

People are nourished by the soup your business serves to them. It can fill their empty bellies, take away their chills, heal their ills or provide fuel for their work.

What kind of delicious smells are coming from your kitchen these days? What little tweaks are you making to your soup recipe to make this season’s batch the best ever?


Go forth and do great things,

Martha and Chris