All You Need is There

December 6, 2017

all you need is thereWe humans have a habit. We’re prone to drifting, dreaming about the things we don’t have in our business and in our lives.

We get distracted wanting something else, busy imagining what a different path might deliver.

Maybe adding Facebook ads, or bringing in more money by jumping into a network marketing opportunity, or being able to run our entire business on-line and never have to call anyone.

We dream.  Then we drift.

But I want to offer you an opposing thought today.

A question that will take your thoughts, dreams and wishes in a different and…yes…perhaps, head-scratching direction.

Ponder this question…

What will you do with what you have?

Because all you need is right where you are.

You don’t have to wander anywhere else.  You already have the expertise to thrive.  You have the wisdom to build.  You have the talent to excel.  You have the compassion to serve.  You know the people and resources to accelerate your growth.

Instead of sharing my usual mindset, business development, marketing or sales tip…let’s do something different this month, since we’re at the end of the year, in the holiday season — a time of reflection and gratitude.

This holiday season, take a moment…it only takes a moment…to recognize you have everything right where you are.

Everything you require is already in the palm of your hands, in the wisdom in your head, and in the compassion in your heart.

Because all you need is right where you are.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha and Chris