Keep Those Tops Spinning

October 14, 2020

True confession time.

I’m a fan of those quirky, off-beat special holidays that no one really knows about. They’re always good for a laugh or for a little nudge to pay attention to things we usually take for granted.

So, celebrate with me.

Today is International Top Spinning Day. A holiday made for business owners if there ever was one!

Keeping all the tops spinning is a perfect image for what we do every day.

So much to pay attention to. Everything moving at a different speed. Some things spinning out of control and some just stopping.

Here are five things that top spinners (and savvy business owners) do to keep all their tops spinning.

Balance on a fine point – When spinning tops, the finer the point, the better the balance. That’s true in business, too. The more clear, specific, and sharp you make your focus, the better you can keep the business running around that focus.

Whether we’re talking about who your ideal customer is, what your mission is, or what your goal for a specific project is, a precise definition will help you reach it.

Make sure it weighs enough – Expert top spinners know that if a top is too light, it’s not likely to spin well. It can wobble or go off course. In the same way, as the business owner you should be dealing with the big issues…the ones that only you can decide. If you busy yourself with trying to deal with too many small details, things can spin out of control. Stick to the things that matter and keep those focused and spinning.

Reduce Friction –Friction is the enemy of momentum. For a top, the friction can either be on the surface or in the air surrounding the top. In your business, friction may be internal to your team or it can be occurring in the external environment (i.e. COVID-19). Do what you can to anticipate where and how friction might occur and have remedies in place to prevent it or minimize its effects.

Start Things at Different Times – It just stands to reason that you can’t pay attention to everything at once. To keep spinning, tops need attention – another flick of the wrist or pump of the handle. If every top slows down at the same time, one or more may stop or fall off the center point. The same is true in business. Starting important projects at different times allows you to budget your time, energy and resources so that every project gets what it needs.

Listen carefully – Tops give off a certain hum when they are spinning smoothly. So does a business. When the sound changes, the spinner knows the top needs attention to keep spinning. In your business, you begin to recognize the sound of things running smoothly and you know when the tone is somehow a little “off.” Careful listening to the sound of your organization can guide you to taking action before the tops go off-center or stop spinning altogether.

You may never have heard of National Top Spinning Day, but if you take these top spinning tips to heart, you can be celebrating success in your business.

We’ll celebrate with you. Bring on the champagne!

Go forth and do great things,

Martha & Chris