Lessons From a Failed First Date

September 9, 2020

I could feel it coming…this date was going nowhere. Despite me being my most charming self, there was no chemistry, no connection.

I was surprised because it seemed like we’d be a good match. Friends we had in common had recommended us to each other. There was so much potential!

So, what went wrong?

It probably had something to do with the fact that I never once asked a question. I was too busy talking about all my positive traits, everything I had to offer, why I thought we’d be so good together.

In short, I made it all about me.

If you are not making as many successful sales calls as you’d like, maybe you’re making the same mistake that I did.

That first conversation with a prospective client is like a first date. And it can come along with first date jitters.

Jitters that can lead to lots of nervous talking, but not much connection. When you’re busy thinking of your nerves, it’s hard to be thinking of your customer.

And thinking about your customer is what makes for a successful sales call…and a successful business.

Even if you think you already know the answers, ask questions. Lots of them. Open-ended question that require more than a simple yes or no.

Show your prospect that you are deeply interested in their problems and their perspectives. It’s important because even though they have a general need in common, your prospects all experience that need in a unique way.

Understanding that unique experience will tell you exactly what your customer needs to hear to make them say “yes” to your offer.

Think of it as letting your customer tell their story, a story that has two possible endings.

One is what will happen if they continue their current situation. The other is the happy ending that is possible if they buy your product or service to solve their problem.

Everybody loves a happy ending, right?

You can’t get to the happy ending – for the customer or for your business – if you don’t allow the story to be told.

So get past those first date jitters and ask the right questions. The ones that will lead you and your customer to discover what it will take to make a great connection.

Here comes the happy ending.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha & Chris