Meet Leslie

July 25, 2018

When I first met Dr. Leslie, her chiropractic business was sluggish.
I’m being polite.  Leslie wouldn’t describe it that nicely.

Fewer patients were coming in the door.  She was worried about her practice.

She felt telling patients about products to help their condition was “convincing” them to buy (hello? prescribing).  Asking for referrals was difficult and didn’t create results.

Yet, some of her competitors bragged about their success.  Somebody was clearly going to a chiropractor.  Just not to Dr. Leslie.

And she wasn’t very happy as she sat doing all the admin work.

Last Thursday Leslie’s mindset and outlook shifted.

I could hear the difference in her voice as soon as she said “Hi” during our coaching session.

There was happiness…excitement…in her voice.

The coin had flipped, revealing the side she couldn’t see.

Appointments were up.  New people were coming in.  Some former patients were back.

“What generated these changes?” I asked.

“I reached out to some of the groups we discussed,” said Leslie.

Leslie started to apply some of the solutions we had been talking about for several coaching sessions.

She realized she was prescribing, not convincing.

Someone had a problem, and she could fix it.

She made inroads into a market that was responding, and people in the market were offering to introduce her to yet another.

She enlightened new prospects about chiropractic as a highly successful method to tackle conditions in addition to creaky knees, tweaky backs and rusty elbows.

Leslie started talking.  People started listening.

Finally…gradually…Leslie was clearing the “trees” to see her “forest.”

Dr. Leslie could see her Road to Freedom.

Is she there yet?

Not yet.

Can she now see the path that was invisible before?

Yep.  She can.

Leslie hired an assistant to begin to tackle all the things Leslie shouldn’t be doing herself.

During this month of July…this month of Independence, of Freedom…what do you want to set yourself free from (working for someone else?  Not making any money??)  What do you want to be free to do?

Make Dr. Leslie your role model.

Tell people how you can solve their problem.

Speak.  Share.  Connect.  Communicate.

Rinse and repeat.

Use Dr. Leslie as your inspiration.

Happy Freedom Month!

From the Founding Mothers of Wide Awake Business,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams

P.S.  More business freedom stories all of this month.

If you have one, share it with us and we’ll share with our friends here.