Momentum Mindset

January 27, 2021

It’s starting. Right about now, people who began the year with great intentions are hitting their first stumbling block…the first challenge to their resolve.

Is it happening to you?

If so, what you do now can make all the difference in succeeding or having a year where you don’t quite meet your goals.

What will it take to make sure that you get to the end of the year celebrating successfully reaching – or even exceeding – your goals?

It’s all about having a Momentum Mindset.

Momentum is the quality of remaining in motion. The Momentum Mindset is the belief that you will continue moving forward despite obstacles or missteps. With a momentum mindset, there are no stop signs…only caution signs and direction signals.

People with a Momentum Mindset are successful because they do these things:

  • Reject limiting beliefs – Beliefs are the filters or lenses through which we see the world. When your lens is negative or limiting, you have already narrowed your options and possibilities before you even try. Recognizing limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering thoughts can keep you moving forward. You can alter limiting beliefs with two powerful phrases: “until recently…” and “yet.”

For example: “Until recently, we’ve had slow sales in the first quarter,” or “ That project just isn’t going anywhere yet.” These simple shifts allow for the possibility that things can be different and that success is possible.

  • Expect difficulties and plan for how to overcome them – Success is seldom linear. Detours and distractions are almost inevitable. When you recognize this fact, you are less likely to judge yourself when problems arise. If you’ve anticipated where barriers and stumbling blocks might occur, you can develop strategies for handling them in advance.
  • Get back up quickly after a fall – Too many people fail to meet their goals because they stop trying after the first sign of trouble or spend too much time stuck in rehashing the problem rather than in finding a solution. Remember that law of physics: bodies in motion tend to stay in motion; bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.  To get to the goal, you have to keep moving.
  • Adjust their direction, not their destination – Don’t be tempted to set your sights lower if progress seems slow. Successful people understand that there may be many paths to reaching their goal. Slow progress or a stumbling block can be signals that a change in approach would be helpful or that more effort is needed, rather than that the goal is unattainable. A momentum mindset keeps your eye on the prize, even if you have to adjust the path.

Now is the time when the burst of energy and resolve that you started the year with may be wearing thin, particularly if things are not moving as quickly as you anticipated or you are facing an obstacle. Meet this challenge with a Momentum Mindset, focusing on the possibilities, rather than the problems.

Keep moving…it’s the key to success.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha & Chris