Nothing Matters Until

Nothing Matters Until

May 11, 2022


Nothing matters until you master this.

That would be your mindset, your ability to influence the most important person in your business…YOU.

If you cannot influence yourself, you’re not going to have very much luck influencing anyone else.  And if you’re not influencing others, you probably have fewer customers than you’d like and a team in need of inspiration.

One of the key components of influencing yourself is willpower.  Because the persistence that comes from willpower is the conduit between what you hope to achieve and what you actually accomplish.

Willpower is tricky, though.  It’s tough to maintain all day, every day until you to your goal.  Willpower operates a lot like a battery…it’s strong for a while and then starts to lose its oomph.

And if you think about your willpower like a battery you’ll notice something else.  Your willpower is generally strongest in the morning and weakens as your day goes on.

Kind of like a diet.  We’re super strong in the morning, mixing up a yummy bowl of oatmeal.  Then by lunch we’ve got a cookie in our hand.  You crashed into the point where you just didn’t care anymore, you couldn’t resist, none of your prospects said “yes” to become a customer and you ate the cookie (with a chaser of ice cream, too??).

You’re draining your willpower battery, and every time you drain it, it gets harder to recapture the energy you need.

If you didn’t make your calls, spent too little time marketing, or skipped out on a good networking event because you didn’t “feel like going.,” don’t beat yourself up. Instead, recognize that your battery is drained.

Once you admit the battery is drained, do something to recharge it.

Maybe you take a walk around the block, grab a power nap, or bake a loaf of homemade bread. You might listen to music, play with the dog (or cat), read a book, or look at your written business goal for inspiration.

Without willpower nothing happens.  When your willpower drains, you do all those things you swore you weren’t going to do. Like eating that cookie.

When you learn how to master your mindset and keep your willpower battery charged, your success will sky-rocket.

Keep those batteries charged!