Orange Socks

August 14, 2019

Who Wears Orange Socks?


That’s the question we asked Alison.

A financial planner in her mid-30s with a husband and two children under 8, Alison was achieving acceptable results in her business. But Alison wanted more than “acceptable.”

She wanted “outstanding.” She wanted college funds for her kids.

Alison had a robust marketing plan targeting “everybody who needs financial advice.” Her business wasn’t growing nearly the way she wanted it to.

So, our advice was look for the people with orange socks!

Here’s what we meant.

Marketing to anybody and everybody almost always ends up in selling to nobody.

What you offer in your business and how you offer it is “acceptable” to a lot of people, but there’s a small group of people for whom it’s a perfect fit. They are your customers…your ideal customers.

Whatever it is that makes them the perfect fit is what we’re calling their orange socks. When you market and focus your business on those ideal customers, they are drawn to you like magnets.

And your business grows.

For Alison, the people with orange socks were young families with children under the age of 10…families just like hers. She knew exactly what they needed and how they thought about finances. She spoke their language.

It took some convincing to get Alison to try narrowing her marketing approach. She was afraid of losing business. We assured her that she didn’t need to turn anyone away, she just needed to focus on attracting her “orange socks” customers.

Flash forward six months. Alison’s shift in marketing had paid big dividends. Her business had grown by 32%!

She became a believer when she looked at how many new customers she had fitting her Ideal Customer profile and the amount of money they had invested through her. While individually they had less money to invest than her “everybody’s,” she had attracted many more young clients than ever before.

Her ability to connect with young families and talk about their problems, as they see them, set her apart from other financial planners. And her bottom line says it all.

So….what about you? Who’s wearing your orange socks?

Find them.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

Martha & Chris

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