The Goal of Your Everything

November 21, 2018

In the U.S. we sit on the cusp of our one specific day set-aside for giving thanks, for expressing our gratitude for friends, family, wealth, kindness…all the things with which we’ve been blessed.

Our friends in other locations around the world continue with life as usual, as their set-aside thanks giving moment has come and gone.

No matter where we live, no matter who we are or how we give thanks, the goal of all our common experience is to remove all the barriers keeping us from being our true, whole selves.

The simplest and deepest way to make who we are matter is through the kinship of gratitude.  Nothing brings our worlds together more quickly than gratitude.

To be grateful means giving thanks for more than just the things we all want, but also for the things that overcome our pride and stubbornness.  Sometimes the things we’ve wanted and worked so hard for…if we had realized them…would have crushed us.

Instead, let’s just give thanks for the mystery of it all.  Gratitude has a way of bringing everything and everyone closer.  Take the chance to openly give thanks, even if you’re not sure what for, and feel the bounty of all that living rush up to fill you.

Today let Chris and I, and our whole Wide Awake Business team, express our gratitude to you our customers, our readers, our colleagues, our friends and even our critics.  We want to do this every day, and today is our reminder.

We’re grateful for you every day.  Today, we share it outwardly and obviously.

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you celebrating.


Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams

Finish Strong to Start Strong

November 14, 2018

What are you doing right now to create your success for 2019?

Setting ambitious goals? Creating new products or programs? Doing a review of the successes and failures of 2018?

Many business experts are urging you to spend your time in the 4th Quarter of the year focusing on the year ahead. But that can be a mistake.

Success in business is all about momentum. You can’t build on what you haven’t achieved. Taking your eye off finishing the 4th Quarter strong will put you behind on Day One of the first quarter of next year.

While there is much conventional wisdom that says, “start strong to finish strong,” the real truth is that you have to finish strong to start strong. Don’t worry, there’s still time to end the year strong.


Four Tips to Get You to that Strong Finish

Don’t try to do everything – There is no way that you’re going to get everything on your list done. What matters is that you do the IMPORTANT things for your business. Determine the two or three critical things that will have the most important impact and the biggest payoff for your business.

Do those most important things first, whether it’s adding a new team member, closing a big sale or getting a key system in place. Stay laser-focused on these critical things to create the strongest foundation for you to build upon in the coming year.


Focus on action – Time is short, but you can make the most of it. No matter what happened in the first 10 months of the year, you can still end 2018 strong, if you stay in action through the next few weeks. Many people use holiday time to take a breather, thinking that they’ll gear up again after the first of the year. Don’t be one of them!


Limit Distractions – Don’t let all the turkey and tinsel take your eye off the prize. I’m not suggesting that you skip the holiday festivities, but don’t let them take over your calendar. Build time for celebrating into the schedule and stay on task when you’re working.


Avoid Procrastination – Is there something important that remains undone?  Get it finished so that it’s not hanging over into the new year. A strong finish also means a complete finish. Figure out what needs to be done to get the job done, and then do it.


Do you have big ideas for 2019? Give yourself the best start possible by having a super strong finish in 2018. Create that momentum now.

Go forth and do great things,

Chris & Martha

Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?

November 7, 2018


If you’ve been paying attention to our recent articles, you’ve noticed a theme.

The theme, in case you weren’t taking notes, revolves around winnowing down your massive “To Do List” to the “Critical Few” list.  We’ve shared lots of very effective ways to do less, yet accomplish more.

We’ve talked through all the ways stuff…stuff not very important enough to have a real name…clogs up your results.  We’ve talked about how to make a pleasant “no” part of your lingo.

But we haven’t talked about the thinking that’s keeping you poor: all the office housework you accumulate.

A recent study found volunteering, saying “yes” to thankless stuff, is a “woman thing.”  Women volunteer for unrewarding tasks and are asked to take them on more than men.

And here’s the kicker…you likely own the business.  You’re the boss!!!  And you’re still the one volunteering and being asked to take on something.

Office housework = non-revenue-generating work

You’re taking on low risk and low reward tasks, and the odds are superior you’re about to do it again.  Like even today.

We know saying “no” can be difficult.

Yet here’s one thing that’s not hard:  not offering in the first place.

Have a look at your thinking that’s keeping you poor.  How much office housework rests on your “To Do List?”

Get rid of it.  Nothing bad will happen.  We promise.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams