Pretty Good

July 29, 2020

Don’t Let “Pretty Good” Fool You

Mary said it and intended it to be a compliment…which it was until I really started to hear what she said.

Her statement felt odd as soon as she uttered it.  It was clearly intended as a compliment.  However, underneath the intent, behind the kind words lurked a now exposed weakness in the culture of Wide Awake Business.  And it might be a weakness in your business culture, too, that deserves to be reexamined and changed.

Our colleague was trying to compliment us.  She said our Team was very open and dedicated to multi-cultural people and culture, and that the only reason we didn’t have people of color on our team was no one ever answered an ad or approached us about working with us.

See the flaw in that thinking?

She was right about our open arms regarding race and culture.  The error in thinking (hers and ours) was that it was okay we had no one of color on our team because they had not approached us.

We should be seeking them.

We should be inviting them.

We should not be waiting, settling for a “pretty good” culture.  We should be out making it.

Are you in the same boat with us?

Is your heart, head and desire in the right place, yet your actions a little lacking to get your values and desired culture to align with what you do?

Most of us have done a “pretty good” job of creating a kind, inclusive business and culture.

We’re people with a strong drive to create significant change not only in our clients, but also in the world as a whole.

I know this describes our business and our personal intent. And because we’ve worked with so many of you, we know it’s yours, too.

Yet, for us, it’s time to adjust our actions to match what’s in our hearts, heads and desires.

Perhaps it’s time for all of us who are “pretty good” to reexamine how to become “pretty great.”

Go forth and do great things,

Martha and Chris