Self Care During Social Distancing

April 1, 2020

Can we talk today about something different instead of a usual deep dive into strictly business-related stuff?

Because you’re already spending gobs of time working with customers in new, inventive, social-distancing ways and devoting chunks of time to figuring out the best way to work with your Team, not to mention digging, digging, digging to understand whatever life preserver the Federal Government is tossing small business owners.

Instead, let’s chat about something just as important as all of that, and perhaps you’ve been neglecting it.



Self care!

How you take care of yourself in these unusual times must rocket up your “to do” list.

I know…your “to do” list is already jammed.

However, you’ll run down your engine if you don’t care for yourself, and then you’ll have less to offer those you love and serve.

So here we go…

Get out of your sweat clothes!!!!!  Put on pants with a zipper and button.  You’ll instantly feel better and more professional.

Gentlemen, shave the two-or-three week old Coronavirus beard you’ve cultivated.  Let’s be honest…you don’t even like it!  A little less scruff with deliver a much more “can-do” attitude.

Ladies, how about ditching the bunny slippers.  You wouldn’t visit a new prospect in them in the good-old-days of a few weeks ago.  No one buys from someone in bunny slippers…unless you’re a slipper sales person.

Leave your house or office for a trip to your front porch or balcony.  Do it daily.  Fresh air and perhaps a little sunshine will help you fight disease and boost your mental attitude (and we could all use a little mental attitude boost right about now).

And my dog, Tally who you see above, highly, highly recommends a daily, short “snore meditation” session.  It boosts her physical ability to go out of her mind with enthusiasm when she sees neighbors. From a safe distance, of course.  We’re not encouraging you to lose your mind.  We are hinting for you to share your enthusiasm for the good things around you.

Please keep yourself healthy physically and mentally.  Wash your hands and yes, we’re all in this together.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

P.S. If you are in the medical profession, associated with the grocery stores keeping us fat or the pizza delivery business making frequent visits to our neighborhoods, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.