What’s working right now in social media

February 21, 2018

social mediaAfter years of success on social media building her followers and doing a super job of getting them to join her database, Robin’s social media marketing fell off a cliff.

Crash.  Splat. Ouch.

All her good work was producing nothing.

Might you be experiencing the same thing?

Your social media efforts make you busy…but not productive.

Here’s the culprit…

…social media has changed, users have changed…but you haven’t changed!

Here’s what’s working and what’s not.

Pure organic growth.  Not working.

Video for organic growth.  Working

Plunging in. Not working.

Understanding how the social media sites’ algorithms work and using it to your advantage.  Working.

Having no money to spend and looking for a specific type of person.  Not working.

Focusing your social media efforts on a large array of platforms.  Not working.

Figuring out where your Ideal Customer hangs out to look for people like you.  Working.

Posting A LOT!  Not working if the content isn’t high quality, high value.

Posting during the peak hours when everyone is on-line.  Not working often enough.

Posting more in off-peak when the noise dies down.  Working more than you’d think.

These are just a few of the trends working/not working on social media.  Certainly many others prevail.

The real point is this:  Are you changing your social media strategy/execution as social media changes?

Or are you still operating with your 2014 approach?

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

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