Start Tracking Next Year Now

November 28, 2018

Right about now is when most small business owners are taking a last look at their 2018 goals and figuring out what they need to do in the next 30 days to make sure they hit their target.

It can feel scary if the gap between where you are on November 30 and where you want to be on December 31 is too big.

Don’t be tempted to look back with a lot of “should-a, would-a, could-a” or to kill yourself trying to make an impossible leap.

Tell yourself the truth about what you can honestly do in the next 30 days that still allows time for eating, sleeping, and family.

Commit to doing that.

And then, start tracking toward December 31, 2019 right now.

Here’s how:

  1. Estimate what your total annual revenue for 2018 will be if you have a really successful December (I know you will, if you take the good advice we’re giving you this month.)
  2. Look at your revenue for the last 3 months of 2018. Use that quarterly number to set an annual revenue goal for 2019 that’s a stretch, but attainable.
  3. Divide your revenue goal by 12 to see what you need to be earning each month to meet that goal.
  4. Identify the gap between your November 2018 income and what you need to earn in January 2019.
  5. Tie that gap to increased sales of specific goods or services that will fill that gap, taking already committed recurring revenue into account.
  6. During December, make as many of those additional sales as possible, so that you get a running start for 2019.

Start tracking now. You’ll be ahead of the game when January 1 comes around.

Doesn’t that feel good?

Go forth and do great things,

Martha & Chris