What Your Turkey Can Teach You About Business

November 22, 2017

What Thanksgiving turkey can teach you about businessI have 7 people coming for Thanksgiving dinner.  My Mother-in-Law has 34 descending on her house to celebrate.

If your family is anything remotely like mine, you’ll have more mouths to feed than usual, or perhaps a restaurant reservation for a herd.

Either way there’s something your Thanksgiving event can teach you about your business.

Plan for it.

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t a random, whatever-you-have-in the-fridge gathering.  You’ve got to time when the bird gets defrosted, when it slides into the oven and how to get everything (and everyone) to the table before dinner gets cold.

And then there’s the seating.  Uncle Ed can’t sit next to Cousin Bryan.  A vehement Republican next to an ardent Democrat?  No, no, no.

Are you serving red wine or white?  And who’s gluten-free?  I think college-age Sarah is now a vegetarian (or was that last month?).  And…oh…do we have any vegans, pescatarians, dairy-free or paleotarians coming?

There’s a lot going on for this one meal.  To have the day and the meal you imagined requires…

…a plan.

If you plan for this one dinner, don’t you believe you should have a plan for your business?

Without a plan, your business could be overcooked…or raw.  It might be serving the wrong thing to the right person or the right thing to the wrong person.

Without a plan, you might be sitting and waiting for your guests to arrive…and they just don’t show up.

Without a plan, your meal might cost you a fortune or be starved of funds, unable to feed everyone you could.

A plan for your business will mean you won’t have another turkey on your hands come this time next year.

A plan.  It will make everything else you want to do possible.

From Chris and I and the entire Wide Awake Business Team, may you and yours have a very happy, thoughtful, warm Thanksgiving.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams

P.S.  Now, I can’t help you much with your Thanksgiving meal, but Chris and I can show you a simple plan for your 2018.

Watch for an invitation from me in early December about our Early Bird special (get the pun???!!!) for our January Planning Workshop.