That One Thing

That One Thing

August 24, 2022

Do you have a summer reading list? A stack of books that you build up through the year to save for those slower, lazier summer days when you can read for several hours uninterrupted by last-minute changes or unexpected crises.

Does your list have a theme or special focus? Is it all over the place…mixed between business and pleasure, escape and education?
Every summer, I try to include at least one book from the Forbes Executive Essentials Summer Reading List. There’s always so much food for thought. This year is no exception.

One book jumped right out at me – The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. What could be more fitting for someone who works to make things easier, simpler (and more profitable)?

I wasn’t disappointed. The authors have compiled considerable research that shows many  highly successful people focus on one single thing at a time and that this extraordinary focus leads to extraordinary results.

According to Keller and Papasan, asking yourself this one critical question can offer a world of insight and set you the road to greater success.

Here’s the question: “What’s the one thing that when I do it, everything else becomes either easier or unnecessary?”

Sounds simple, right? Think again. They didn’t ask for a list. Or one thing for business and one thing for your personal life. Ask yourself one more time.

It’s a great time to think about this as we wind down the summer and wind up the push toward the last quarter of the year. Set the stage with this one thing and see how much farther you’ll

It took some time, but when I landed on my answer it felt absolutely true, without question.

My one thing is start the day with gratitude.

If you’re shaking your head and saying it sounds too simple, maybe,  that’s not your one thing. That’s part of the magic. Your one thing is the thing that works for you, that make everything easier and simpler for you.

You’ll know you’re onto something if on some random day you give your one thing attention than it deserves or neglect it altogether. Things will seem harder, amore complicated. Yes, there it is. Your one thing.

There’s a holiday weekend coming up soon. Spend a little time exploring what The One Thing might be for you. Commit to doing it every day and see how much easier and simpler your life becomes.

I’m willing to bet your business becomes more profitable, too.