The Power of Wow

August 29, 2018

Words are powerful, right? There are some words that can stop you cold in your tracks and some words that propel you forward.

Maria knows that all too well. Despite her business successes, there was one word that kept bringing Maria up short, causing her to doubt herself, keeping her trapped.

That word is WOW!

Wow is one of those words that can either paralyze or propel you, depending on how it’s said and who says it.

Here’s a bit of Maria’s WOW conversation with herself:

WOW …I have so much to do and not enough time!

WOW…Other people are doing the same thing I am.

WOW…those goals seem impossible. Maybe I should re-think.

As coaches, we had a totally different WOW conversation with Maria:

WOW…you finally have team that you can delegate to!

WOW…you’ve attracted two new ideal clients with that new positioning statement!

WOW…you’re making steady progress toward that big goal. Good for you!

Same word, but two totally different conversations.

That’s the power of a coach. To be an objective outside witness to your struggles and to your success. To shift your focus from the WOW that keeps you feeling paralyzed and powerless to the WOW that makes you feel proud and powerful.

August is Happiness Happens Month, remember? What better way to celebrate than to connect with a coach who will put you in touch with the power of your WOW?


Go forth and go great things,

Martha & Chris

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