Turning January

January 3, 2018

Have you awakened from your race through the holidays?  Recovered??

I know more than a few clients who tell us they use January to recover.  They say the month’s slow anyhow, that customers are working through their holiday credit card debt, businesses seem to still be in a slumber and many are without their 2018 budgets.

That’s only true if your actions work to make it true.

Believe January should be slow?  You’ll make it slow.

And the real trouble with a slow January is you’re probably starting your year behind where you’d like to be financially.

And then your working up hill for all or much of the year.

How about just a few tips for how you can make January one of your best month’s without working hard, hard, hard?

  1. Use Your Team So You Can Sell: Move as much of your administrative tasks to your assistant.  The very best use of your time right now?  Marketing and selling—bring in new prospects and customers.  The more non-marketing/selling tasks you move off your plate, the faster you bring in a new customer.  Don’t have an assistant?  They don’t cost much–$12 to $30/hr depending on where you live.  Pay them a little and close a few clients.  They pay for themselves.


  1. Check In With Your Former Customers: I’m always amazed about how many business owners neglect people who have done business with them in the past.  These are people who have already gone through the decision-making process of “You.”  What do they require next?  Pick up the phone and call to reestablish your relationship and find out.


  1. Barter: Does your business require a service or product that you “think” is out of your budget right now?  Try a barter exchange.  Offer your service for free to the person who has the service you require.  This is an approach you want to use very infrequently.  You don’t want to fill your plate with free work, but it can be a great approach in limited instances.


  1. Follow-up: This is the one that gets me.  Over and over…and over and over…our clients say they need to “start following up.”  Ouch!  When you have a prospect with some interest in doing business with you, why would you not follow up?  I do understand it’s the norm…just not the acceptable norm. Eighty percent of sales people don’t make the second call.  Put yourself in the 20% that do.  There are customers waiting for you.

Here’s to January!

Go forth and do great things in 2018,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams