You Deserve an Upgrade

April 4, 2018

Upgrade my company

What do the following things offer to your business?

Grecian Formula, new lipstick, Weight Watchers, going to the gym, a new wardrobe, a different haircut, visiting a spa…

On the surface they all seem so random and without any connection to your business.

They are all role models for your business!

When you want to “make-over” your appearance, you’ll grab expert tools to help you look younger, feel more confident, project a snazzy image.

You felt…something needed to be refreshed.  Your results weren’t what you want them to be.

Perhaps your business could use a bit of a make-over, too. An upgrade over where you are right now.

Yes, the ingredients will be different.  But the reason to do a business make-over is driven by the same motivations…you want your results to be different, things need to be refreshed.

Clues you should upgrade your results stare right at you.

Your first quarter has expired.  How are you doing against your revenue goal?  Are you on target?  Ahead? Behind?

Before the year gets away from you, and you find yourself in October wondering how you got behind and can the year be saved, let’s do something now.

How about Chris and I do a Business Make-over Adjustment for your business?

(I know.  Sweet.)

We’ll work with some businesses to find at least one thing you can adjust easily and simply to change the results you’re getting…and we’ll do it in under 15 minutes.

The Make-overs will be on Facebook Live every Thursday in April at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific.

Want to see what the professionals can find in your business to make it easier, simpler and more profitable?

Click this link, answer the 6 questions on the form and hit “send.”

If you’re chosen for any of our 4 Business Make-over Adjustments, we’ll set up a call to talk about your business, and then “make you over” LIVE on Facebook LIVE.

Okay, you’re right.  Not everyone will be chosen.

Yet…there’s still something in it for you.

Put the Thursday make-overs on your calendar and be with us LIVE.  I’m betting you’ll take away something you can apply to your business based on what you see.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams


P.S. Want a Business Make-over?  Click this link and fill in the form.  Let’s make a small adjustment or two in your business to create an easier, simpler and more profitable business for you.