Use As Directed

June 26, 2019


What business are you in?

Did you answer that question with an identity statement like “I’m a massage therapist,” or a description of the product you offer, “I sell Essential Oils”?

Or maybe you answered with that business school mantra, “I’m in sales,” because every business owner must be in the sales business, or else they’d have no business.

Those things are true, but there’s something else.

You’re in the business of making and fulfilling promises. Promises of change for the better, whether you’re solving a problem or creating something positive…whether you’re offering an aspirin or a vitamin.

When you describe the benefits of working with you or buying your product, you are making a promise that things will change for your customer.  You’re offering a transformation.

That’s a powerful thing.

Here’s the kicker…your product or service can only deliver that transformation if it’s used as directed. Your customer must take your advice or use your product.

Whether it’s an aspirin or a vitamin, it won’t work if it sits on the shelf, taken in too big or small a dose, or for a purpose other than its intended use.

That’s why it’s so important for YOU, as the business owner to know exactly who your ideal customer is and what they need. To be clear and specific about the transformation you promise and about the customer’s role in making that transformation happen.

Start right from the beginning of the relationship with your customer to make sure they know

  • what they are buying
  • why they are buying it
  • what results they can expect
  • how the product or service should be used or applied
  • how to address problems along the way, if things aren’t working.

Every aspirin or vitamin in the pharmacy has a “Use as Directed” statement on the label.

Make sure your business has one too.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

Martha and Chris


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