Welcoming Crisis

November 4, 2020



Do you think of yourself as a “genius?”

Most of us do not.

We’ve been trained to believe “genius” is this amazing, unusual, boggling brilliance of a mind, an ability to retain or calculate or conceptualize and apply stupendous amounts of knowledge in completely unique approaches.

To be able to apply this knowledge in creative and unusual ways.

To advance mankind, to enrich civilization, to create world peace.

We believe others are genius; yet, rarely do we apply it to ourselves.  We’re just sitting over here in our little-old businesses, working to make a living.  How could we be a genius?

Do you know the true origin of the word “genius?”

You should, because it applies to you.

The original sense of genius means “attendant spirit”…being in the care of something unseen, yet near.  Think of it as another definition of wholeness, of acknowledging this “unseen” stream we all swim in.

That’s you.  A genius of spirit.

So, what happens to your genius when a crisis arrives, jarring you, upsetting your flow, log-jamming your progress towards the goal you’ve set?

Crisis actually brings you into contact with that spirit of yours.

Crisis…danger…means opportunity.  Crisis presents us with the opportunity to connect to that “unseen” stream you may have forgotten lurks within you (or you have yet to acknowledge).

Perhaps the true purpose of crisis is not to “break us” as much as it is to “break us open.”

With gratitude welcome your genius…and even some of those crises that arise!

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams