What Your Customer Really Wants

What Your Customer Really Wants

July 14, 2015

Do You Know What Your Customers REALLY Want?


What your customer wantsCustomers are not interested in paying for your time.

They pay you for results.  Remember this discussion from last week?

And about those results…you and your customers might not see the results in the same light. What you must see, what you must be sharing, are not the results as you see them, rather the results the clients see!

Let me show you.

Let’s take a website.  Your customer is buying a website from you. BUT THEY DON’T ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE WEBSITE!

As odd as this may seem, your customer doesn’t really want a website.  They want something else.  What is it?

Your job, as the web creator, means you’re going to ask them what they want the website to do…why they want one.

Do they want to prove their credibility?  Are they trying to grab new leads?  Do they want to sell something?  Perhaps they want to share directions to their store?

Very different motivations mean the results they want will be very different, too.

So you build them a very pretty, totally current website, but no one stays on the site long enough to do anything or look around.  Now you’ve got an unhappy customer.

You built them a website, just like you said you would.  If you look at the result as “hey, your website is up and it’s beautiful,” and the client looks at the result as “people call and email me after visiting my site,” you’ve got a very big disconnect.

You gave them a result…but it was the wrong result.

Now I just chose websites for the purpose of our discussion.  The same principles will apply no matter what industry you work in.

And pairing up with last week’s discussion your hourly rate is of no consequence when you promise and deliver the result your customer really seeks.

Just so you can see this critical truth in your world, try this.

Think of a time when you bought a service from someone. Got one?  Now why did you pay for it?  And what were the results you were after?  Did you get them?  Did the provider even understand what you viewed as the real results you wanted?

Chew on this, and we’ll take this discussion one step further next week.