Who’s Aiming the Binoculars?

August 9, 2018

Everybody’s saying it: “Look, out there on the horizon. Can’t you see it? It’s so cool!”

Isn’t it frustrating when no matter how hard you try, you just can’t see what everyone is pointing out?

Maybe it’s because you’re looking at the wrong place on the horizon. Keep looking there and nothing shows up. You squint, you strain, you adjust the focus, but nothing works.

Could it be that, like Shelley, your aim is off?

Shelley’s seeing better now that she has a coach!


Here’s a bit of Shelley’s story.

Successful in business and well-known in her field, Shelley wondered why she wasn’t having the dream life that people were saying came with entrepreneurial success.

There was no time for the dream vacations, the long weekends with family, the once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Shelley had big visions for the growth of her aging life care business. She’d made a great business plan, but there was one problem. Shelley didn’t have any idea how she could survive the growth she was aiming for.

She was already spending 40-60 hours a week in direct service to her clients and their families. How could she add more?  That’s the question that kept Shelley awake at night, the one that finally led her to me for coaching.

One quick look at her business plan told me all I needed to know. Shelley had it nailed in finding her niche, marketing, revenue projections, alliance building,   Everything except ONE THING.


Shelley had no plans for hiring more staff. Hiring and managing staff was not her strong suit, she said. So, she just kept looking at all of those other business elements to make the equation work.

As her coach, I encouraged her to shift her view and aim her binoculars to take a good look at the one place she wasn’t seeing. Together, we built a plan for her to add staff and create systems to support them.

The result? Last summer, Shelley took 2 months off, working only about 14 hours over that time.  And she had revenues of $2,000 more per month than the same time last year – when she was doing all the work!

That’s what the perspective of a coach can do for you.

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Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams