You Are the Boat

December 20, 2017


Several times over the years, I have shared a parable with you that is particularly meaningful to me.  It speaks to my heart.

When I think of it, I think of you.

A better message for the holidays and all of 2018 I cannot imagine.  So, I’m sharing it with you again that it may speak to your heart, too.

Once there was a troubled soul who, exhausted from efforts and travails, asked a sage for help to find his way and cross the wide and furious river in front of him. 

The sage looked deeply into the troubled soul and with compassion offered a choice.

“You may have either a map or a boat.”

The troubled soul looked all around and saw many people, all of whom seemed equally confused and distressed.  The troubled soul said, “I’ll take the boat.”

The sage leaned forward, kissed the troubled soul on the forehead and said, “Go, then.  You are the boat.  Life is the sea.”

You see why I wanted to share this again?  Why it made me think of you?

You, too, are the boat.

And your life, your business, your clients are the sea.

You have everything you need within you to conquer the powerful river and find your way to your destination.

You have the ability to be fulfilled through your work.  You have the talent to serve more people.  You have the capacity to become a master at the skills that will enable you to thrive.

Cultivate the talent to listen to that place inside you, and seek the Masters who can show you your path and develop your skills.

Because…you are the boat.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha and Chris

P.S. Each year, we make a contribution to an organization that’s special to us, our clients and colleagues.

With so many of our clients and Team affected by floods and fires this year, we chose to contribute to the victims’ funds to aid those in need of a hand up.  Thank you for enabling us to make even a small difference this year.

A happy and blessed holiday to you and yours.