You Failed. Congratulations.

December 5, 2018

Amazon awarded its HQ2 “prize” to Crystal City, VA and Long Island City, NY just a couple of weeks ago.

Two winners, and the rest of the 238 cities and regions became losers.  They failed in their earnest attempts to lure Amazon to their area.

Let the crying over spilt milk begin!

Not so fast.  Maybe not.

Can failure actually become a win?

Several areas already are experiencing success due to their failure to win over Amazon.  Pittsburgh, PA is attracting other tech companies to the area due to all the preparation the city did in order to submit their bid for Amazon HQ2.

Pittsburgh studied its school system, road infrastructure, housing occupancy and more, and the city began improvements to bolster their case with Amazon.

All those improvements are now attracting other companies to Pittsburgh…without the onerous financial concessions Amazon required.

Success pulled from failure.

When and where have you done the same? 

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve experienced failure.  Something didn’t happen as you planned.  Maybe something big.

But when you look at that failure from the vantage point of a longer term, rather than in the moment, that failure actually becomes a success.

You reaped unexpected benefits.  Something greatly beneficial and unforeseen came your way.

But have you taken a moment to recognize that success?

Have you given yourself the opportunity to recast what you believed to be a failure as a success?

So often in your business you see the downsides of your actions because, in-the-moment, you didn’t reach your objective.

But with a longer vision, or the ability to see a much larger picture, your failure led you to someplace rewarding.

Today, identify your failure turned success.  Pat yourself on the back and wipe that belief of failure out of your mind.

You succeeded.  Congratulations.


Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams