You Say You Want a Revolution

July 1, 2020


I sat rapt in the audience.  Just like the other 500 people around me.  This was something special, completely unique.

Were we witnessing a sea change in theater, or was this an extraordinary unicorn never to be duplicated and impossible to imitate?


On this Independence Day weekend Hamilton comes to Disney Plus, opening the experience to millions of people.

Sure, it seems patriotism could be the motivation for releasing the filming of the play on our most patriotic weekend.

However, Hamilton has something much richer to share with us.  It’s not just a story of the founding fathers sung in a mish-mash of contemporary hip hop, rap and traditional theater-style music.

Hamilton is really motivated by its faith in the self-correcting potential of this experiment called America.

Hamilton, the play, believes a usable past can create a more perfect future.  It’s built on the old and very noble idea that a great future can be fashioned from a track record prickling with contradiction, disagreement, discord and a desire to do better.

Sounds like today, doesn’t it?

Because that is the world we face today.  Yet, so much wrong can be corrected.  So much right can be built upon.  And at our best each step enables us to self-correct so tomorrow is better than yesterday.

As we all enjoy our hot dogs and physical distancing celebrations, remember this great experience called America is just that…a self-correcting experiment.

The best question is…what can you do to make tomorrow better than today for everyone in our multi-cultural world?


Go forth and do great things,

Martha and Chris