Your Reptilian Brain

April 15, 2020

You’re closed in your home, maybe eating too much and showering too infrequently.

Plus worrying about your business.

For good reason.

The bombardment of bad news stemming from the Coronavirus triggers your sense of danger.  Every single safety issue you have for the health and well-being of your family, your business and you has exploded.

So you lose control of your actions, relinquishing power to your reptilian brain.

The reptile inside you (all of us) leaps up to do its job for you.  Your reptile powers up to protect you from danger…any danger.  And it does it automatically without any instructions from you to start.

Your reptile instinctively protects, and it might be why you’re feeling alone and unable to control the things around you you’re usually good at managing…like your business!

Give yourself a little understanding for feeling this way.  Your reptile rules right now.

The happy news?  Mr. or Mrs. Reptile retreats once you realize what’s happening.  You can reel in the beast.

Your brain just needs to understand you can be safe without withdrawing…freezing or running…from today’s challenging business environment.

Your brain must be fed direction and support.  Those ingredients enable you to make the critical and mandatory decisions to keep your business thriving, not simply surviving.

Chris and I did a four-part webinar recently geared towards giving you the insights to pivot your business towards where opportunities exist for you right now.

The critical and mandatory direction for you and your business.

The webinar shared the critical and mandatory zigs…pivots…available to you to move your business in a new direction.

Zigs in new ways to offer and deliver your services and programs to existing and new customers.

Zigs by understanding the Human Resource tools at your fingertips for you and your employees.

Zigs by knowing your financial numbers as they share critical information so you can make timely business decisions and understand whether Federal Government loan money is the way for you and your business to go right now.

A zig towards actually creating new prospects (yes, right now) with sales strategies appropriate for these times.

The webinar series is recorded, and you can learn more about the program here while simultaneously overpowering your reptilian beast, calming your business waters and preserving the health of your business.

We’ve been through this before.  We all made it through and with the right critical and mandatory support we’ll all do it again.

Go forth and do great things,



Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams


P.S. If you want to know…and put into action…the critical and mandatory knowledge your business requires right now, please check out the program here.