From the head and heart of Chris Williams
Founder, Wide Awake Business

Be honest…

How would you describe your marketing and sales results?
How would you rate your ability to find prospects, build a relationship and turn them into customers?
Do you know what to do to improve your results?
Does everything just feel too complicated?
Do you feel like you’ve got no more time in the day to do “one more thing?”

If your answers are anything other than “We are rockin’ it!”…

…keep reading because your challenges are about to be solved.

My team of coaches and I see these challenges all too often…you set a goal to create a more prosperous business and life, yet it doesn’t happen.  Then you rightfully get a little frustrated because you have done everything you know how and expert help seems out of reach.

We set about to solve both challenges—how you get more customers and greater prosperity (by getting smarter at marketing and sales) and how to bring on marketing and sales experts to provide the guidance that will rocket your results…without breaking the bank.

That’s why we created Business Accelerator.

As a member, you’ll know where to find more prospects perfect for your business, get much more comfortable with reaching out to build a relationship and get them to buy, do it in less time (most likely) and create the prosperous life you seek.

If that’s the reality you want to become YOUR REALITY, then read on.  Or better yet, let’s fix it right now and grab your spot in the Business Accelerator membership community.


How will Business Accelerator aid you in finding more prospects, closing more business, becoming more prosperous… and put talented marketing and sales experts at your elbow… and this isn’t theory!  It’s real world, tested and true stuff.

And you don’t have to get on a plane to do it!



1. Show Me How to…

Marketing experts, sales specialists, website developers, copywriters, digital marketing gurus and more experts will ‘show you how to’ do all those big and little things that seem so perplexing and stop you in your tracks.  Now you’ll have those answers.

2. Workshops with Expert Feedback

Work-at-your-own-pace Workshops where experts provide you with personalized feedback on your business to show you your best and fastest path to customers.

3. Live Coaching & Presentations

We bring in the subject matter experts to discuss what’s working today and enable you to ask your questions and get answers that work in your business… including a weekly group sales coaching call to get better at a skill you might need some help with!

4. Tools

Templates and formulas to make work happen faster.  Download what you need when you need it.

5. Resources

We’ve vetted great resources—from team to software—so you don’t have to spend your precious time looking, interviewing and mapping out the pros and cons.

What Members Say about Business Accelerator

“Chris and Martha of Wide Awake Business get it done! After I took their sales and marketing workshop, my business expanded from a one-off custom bridal design business to one that is scaling my company with offshore production while still being able to provide my “custom gown” clients with their dream gown. My income has increased over 200% because of the way Martha and Chris introduce the scary “sale”… It’s all about the customer, for heaven’s sake. Who knew? Magic!”

Maggie Burns
Marie-Margot Couture

“Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams have honed their knowledge, belief and years of results into an amazing method to guide you to attract the customers you want…and keep them.”

Jay Conrad Levinson
Father of Guerrilla Marketing

“I was on the Wide Awake Business group sales coaching call today. It’s always great to hear myself and realize, ‘yep! I’m doing ok!’ Coach Paul is wonderful. I have put things into action and began my first online retreat and I had 3 people sign up quickly. I’m contacting 3 new potential clients per day, following up with 2, and starting to see sales.”

Kathleen Theriot
Coaching for Change, LLC

Choose The Plan Right For You

  • Annual PlanBuy Annual. Get 3 months free.
  • Monthly Plan
  • Basic
  • Think Like My Customer
  • Find More Prospects
  • Sell Like a Pro
  • Increase Engagement
  • Sales Pro
  • Weekly group sales coaching calls
  • Monthly Customer Rally supported sales days
  • Monthly “What Would Chris Do” calls
  • Business Mastery
  • Customer Generator Workshop
  • Using LinkedIn to Find Prospects
  • WE'RE LIVE! All Live workshops, presentations & interviews recorded
  • Toolbox: Templates & formulas to make your business easier
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions: bring your questions... we've got your answers
  • Weekly tips and insights
  • Customer Generator Workshop
  • Deals! Our favorite services & providers, vetted for you
  • Marketing and Sales access for one year!

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams wrote the book on how to get and keep customers (literally). Small businesses around the globe have discovered the right sequence and strategies to acquire customers easily and make more profit doing so.