yes, a made up…and now important…word

A perfect place where customers say “yes” easily, business grows more simply and profits put a smile on your face.

Enter Customertopia

Can something as small as a book really transform a business? Create more customers? Put a smile on your face on your way to the bank? Make business easier, simpler and more profitable? Enable you to do less and actually be home in time for dinner?


How to Create an Easier, Simpler, More Profitable Business

14 years working with 5,324 small business owners creating $638 million dollars in revenue provides the very clear evidence: You bet a book can!

We’ve been integrating the principles of a customer-centered business…a Customertopia…into the businesses of our clients for 14 years.

As excited as we are about touching and transforming the businesses of those clients, our vision is so much bigger. We want to share this business-transforming approach with every business owner because it also transforms lives. Within a matter of months you can…

  • Create an easier, simpler and more profitable business…
    whether you’re looking for your first dollar or building to your next million
  • Spend less time second-guessing yourself and seize the right opportunities
  • Ooze authority and confidence when you speak with prospects
  • Feel fulfilled because your “Big Why” engages more people
  • Enjoy your bank account statements
  • Lead more, build team and personally do less of the “do”
  • Head out on your vacation without taking calls and putting out fires every day

When you …put your customer in the center of everything you do…your business bursts forward. Logjams blast open. Growth plateaus crumble.

Pretty sweet, eh? Come and get some of that for yourself.

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams